Bushwalking is the Australian term for hiking in the natural environment, on tracks or cross-country, through the bush. Bush is a collective term used in Australia to describe dry eucalyptus forest and scrub. Australia has many national parks in which bushwalkers can enjoy the natural wildlife and wilderness. The beauty of bushwalking in Australia is that there are areas in the country with some of the most scenic surroundings, that only a handful, if not, no one has ever been and seen. It is also great physical activity, with tremendous health benefits.

Bushwalking in Western Australia

The equipment required depends on the length of the bush walk. A short day trip will only require some drinks and maybe some food to eat, with a first aid kit and some sunscreen. However, if you were staying overnight, you would want to bring a sleeping bag, a tent, some cooking equipment and a fuel stove. Suitable clothing would include a t-shirt, shorts or old pants, light boots or sneakers.

Bushwalking in Blue Mountains Although bushwalking has many benefits, it can have a degrading environmental impact if not properly regulated. Most of the beautiful natural environment is fragile; therefore, it is important for bushwalkers to preserve the natural surroundings in which they enjoy, so the ecosystems can be maintained intact. Most Bushwalkers believe in the philosophy of leave no trace behind. This is the principle where bushwalkers are careful in preserving the environment in that no one can tell that people have visited the area. Simple ways in which you can preserve the environment is to not leave any rubbish, not to clear the natural landscape and to be careful in making and controlling a fire if needed. Also, make sure that you do not affect the rivers and creeks by using soap and detergent near water ways.

Australia contains many great bushwalking tracks, in all the states and territories. Some great bushwalking areas in Australia include the Blue Mountains, the Bibbulmun track, the Great Dividing Trail, Great Ocean Walk, Mawson Trail, Cape to Cape Track and the Heysen Trail.

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